The Magical Month of April

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Begging for re-definition, Spring greets us this year with high winds and snow storms – a true “Spring cleaning” of the Northwoods; with dead and dying branches cleared from the trees and littering the forest floor.

From The Education of Little Tree:

“Folks who laugh and say that all is known about Nature, and that Nature don’t have a soul-spirit, have never been in a mountain spring storm. When She’s birthing spring, She gets right down to it, tearing at the mountains like a birthing woman…

Human reactions include everything from disgust and anger at a “late Spring” to overjoyed embrace of continued opportunities to enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, animal tracking and the beauty of frosted tree limbs. I fall closer to the latter.

A couple of highlights from this Magical Month include gusting winds from the Northeast (“Nor’easter”) and a snow storm which brought over a foot of snow to the Northwoods. On both occasions I was lucky enough to sneak away and be present to the magic. On April 11th, I visited Crystal Cove to watch the waves crash against the shore, sending their fierce mist up into the sky. On April 19th, I took a two-hour stroll through the Sawmill Creek Valley, breaking through snow on little-used back trails and discovering a lichen I’ve never seen before (see the small pink spots on the lichen-covered tree limb).

The photos are split into the two events, beginning with photos taken on April 11th at Crystal Cove and ending with photos taken at Wolf Ridge ELC during the April 19th snow storm.

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