Kadō through the New Year

In Japan, the school year begins in the Spring – following the seasons rather than the current calendar. The Shimane Chuo Kadō Club, therefore, will start anew this Spring, hopefully with more enthusiastic student participation than the past year. My last kadō lesson for this year was last week, and although I can’t say I’m any better at preparing my own flower arrangements, I still love interacting with the sensei and feeling the kimochi of a beautiful combination of flowers.

Since my initial kadō lesson I have participated in seven subsequent gatherings. Here’s a photo update on what I’ve been creating:

7 December 2011

(…itoenikego, kenitou, kuroton)

14 December 2011

(tsutsuji karoe, asuparameri, desofyare)

This arrangement utilizes a special vase called a maagaretto no gaki.

25 January 2012

(azukiyanagi, suitopii, ansuryumu no happa)

The off-center kenzan in this arrangement is called ouyo.

The branches of the azukiyanagi are so called because their buds look like azuki beans.

8 February 2012

(kuromeyanagi, kaaneeshiyon, monsutera)

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