Why I Wake Early: Winter in Kawamoto

I awoke early Monday morning to find the edges of the world softened by a blanket of white. I leapt from my futon, grabbed my camera, and took to the quiet backstreets of Kawamoto – weaving in-between abandoned homes and snowed-over gardens while delightfully laying the down the “first tracks” for the day in the softly falling snow.

I was fascinated by the amazing colors the old buildings took on when framed in white. Some of my least favorite paths became a joy to traverse as they became small wonderlands in their fresh winter attire.

I had just enough time to fill my eyelashes with snowflakes before catching the 8:30am bus to Yakami for a full day of teaching.

I was told by the local cafe owner that this multi-day snow storm (it hasn’t stopped snowing for three days now) will mark the beginning of the end of the winter season in Kawamoto, as this will likely be the last significant snowfall before Spring.

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