Fathers’ Cooking Class Number Two

This time we went seasonal with sanma and kurigohan. The turn out was about the same, except this time I was on a team with another foreigner, so our poor teammates had to tell us what to do the whole time as we couldn’t read the instructions well enough to act on our own.

Fortunately, the leader of our group seemed to be enjoying himself despite the two silly gaijin munching on ingredients before the meal was ready.

Each team prepared five separate dishes:

Sanma (seasonal fish sauteed with a delicious mixture of garlic, ginger, and sesame)
Kurigohan (rice with chestnuts – simple and tasty)
Chawanmushi (ginko nuts, shiitake mushrooms, veggies, and eggs steamed to a uniform consistency)
Salad (Japanese spinach, shimeji mushrooms, and an extra sour vinegar dressing)
Satsumaimo no Monburan (an interesting dessert featuring chestnuts and sweet potatoes)

The sanma – simply salted, cut in half, and cooked in a skillet.

Stage one of the satsumaimo no monburan…

And stage two – including sweet potatoe puree, freshly-whipped cream, and a chestnut to top it all off.

To note: this was not the intended preparation of the satsumaimo no monburan – but given the circumstances and unanticipated texture of the components, we were forced to get creative.

My favorite part of the class – sitting down as a group and eating what we’ve made together…

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