Gogawadaiko at the Yuuyuu Furusato Kaikan

I performed for the second time last week with Gogawadaiko. I had practiced less before this performance, and it certainly showed. I felt a bit embarassed, but our audience seemed pleased with our efforts, and I’ll be more prepared next time. Another ALT and I only played one song, while the rest of the group performed a second, longer song to finish the performance. The oldest member of the group played the bamboo flute throughout, while the others rotated positions on the chudaiko (medium-sized drums) and odaiko (biggest drum).

After the performance we were treated to a free meal of leftovers from the fancy gathering we were performing for. I tried something from a giant shell which I’ve never had before. It was tasty, but it was a bit of a grotesque process removing it from the spiral it was encased in. I required Japanese assistance.

The next Gogawadaiko performance is in November in Izumo, a large city a couple of hours away (by car). We will be performing as part of a taiko festival and will only have 15 minutes to play. I look forward to seeing other taiko groups perform, and hopefully meeting some other taiko players from around Shimane.

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