Fathers Cooking Class

I joined a Fathers Cooking Class last week for a fun and interesting lesson on preparing Japanese breakfast foods.

The recipes are simple and require little prep time, which is why it is a fathers cooking class…

We split into three groups based on which main dish we would prepare. The most interesting part of the night was watching the system they used to divide everyone into three groups. They drew a series of lines on the board and had everyone write their name at the top of a line. We all had a chance then to fill the board in with horizontal lines, which later dictated the path that would connect our name to the group we would be in.

Food prep was simple and quick, as expected. I spent much of the time taking pictures and notes and talking to the other class participants.

After preparing the food we sat down together and ate. The foreigners present (myself and four other ALTs) were asked to give a self-introduction / speech, which is quite typical of Japanese gatherings. I was uncomfortable with the formality of these speeches at first, but I’ve come to appreciate them. It’s a good way to clearly tell everyone who you are and why you’re there when the group is large and you might not talk to everyone individually.

The class is meeting next week for a night out to eat at a fancy French cafe in a town on the coast of Shimane. Should be splendid.

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