Mysterious Island Shrine

I spotted a remote island shrine while biking on a backroad today. I noticed it because of two large red banners and a red Torii gate poking through the trees. The shrine is situated on top of a large rock formation in the Gonogawa River.

I made an attempt at reaching the island, but the water was deep and I had my camera with so I stayed on shore. I’m not sure how anyone gets out there…maybe there used to be another bridge to the mainland, or maybe they use boats. Or maybe no one ever goes there…

When I was ready to leave I realized I couldn’t get back out the way I had come in…oops. So I wandered through a farmer’s rice fields and scrambled over a foot bridge to make it back to my bike.

The rice farmer’s are mid-harvest right now. The fields are being cut and the rice is being bundled and hung to dry. I hope to take part soon!

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