A Well-Spent Day

After today, I think I can break down what I have found to be the ideal components of a great day. I have had many great days, especially in Decorah, and today has been a great day as well, so I’ll use it as my example:

The necessary components of a Great Day:

1. A Good Breakfast: entailing a hot beverage, a healthy meal, a good book, plenty of time, and some one you love to share it with.

2. Purpose: a task that must be completed…something to start the adventure.

3. An Unexpected Change in Plans

4. A Discovery: physical, psychological, or spiritual

5. Physical Exertion in an Outdoor Setting: so that you feel as though you’ve earned a…

6. Good Beer: enjoyed in a relaxed setting with a good view and preferably one or two great people.

7. Reflection: time to think about the day, talk it over with someone who will understand, and write about the experience.

My Example: Today (so far…)

1. A Good Breakfast: Japanese tea w. rice and a grapefruit, plenty of time to relax, and some Mary Oliver poetry. No one to share it with unfortunately.

2. Purpose: To ride my bike to Juntendo in Inbarra to look for a microphone for my computer (so I can talk to MJ on skype : )

3. An Unexpected Change in Plans: On my way home, I discovered an obscure path leading up the mountain. I decided to follow it.

4. A Discovery: Physical: Dry-laid stone retaining walls switch-backing up the mountainside along a beautiful stream. Spiritual: There is hope for humanity. We just have to start looking for the answers to our problems in our mountains rather than our technological¬†“advancements”.

5. Physical Exertion in an Outdoor Setting: It was not easy to climb through all of the underbrush and spiderwebs that had overgrown the path! And hiking in the stream on the way down while attempting to keep my camera safe was quite the challenge.

6. Good Beer: I’m headed to A-Coop for a cold one as soon as I finish writing this!

7. Reflection: This is reflection : )

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